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The Least Expensive Cities to Live in the World

Life is relatively expensive in North America and Europe compared to many places in the world. Many people who have earned money in the expensive parts of the world take advantage of this imbalance and move to one of the cheaper places to make their money go farther. Remember before you move that many cheap places are cheap for a reason: they may lack many amenities and comforts that a person from a wealthy country considers necessities.

Islamabad, Pakistan

The Average Salary of a Catholic Priest

If you're looking for a career that provides an opportunity to stack up worldly wealth, any job in the clergy probably isn't your best option. If you've heard the call, however, you may be curious about your ability to support yourself should you become a Catholic priest, as you're bound to have expenses like any member of the laity. Before you dedicate your life to the church, investigate the financial impact of your decision.

Average Salary

How Long to Keep Records & Receipts

Whether you are filing taxes for your small business or wish to keep track of your financial investments, keeping accurate records and receipts is necessary in order to maintain a record of where your money is going. Unfortunately, failure to maintain accurate records and receipts can lead to trouble come tax season when records of your financial activity are vital to accurately determining your taxable income, tax credits and deductions.


10 Important Questions New Home-Based Business Owners Need to Ask Web Developers Before Dishing Out the Dough

Assuming you already have a fairly good idea of what you want on your web site and will more than likely be writing your own copy or having it written for you, here are 10 questions you need answered to help you create an effective web site without breaking the bank or delaying your plans.

1 Overlooked Key to Small Business Success

Is this you?

You dreamed of owning your own business, doing what you love and
enjoying unlimited earning potential. You researched. You
planned. You prepared. Finally, you launched.

Your dream was realized...and then your business started to grow!
Could it get any better? Well, yes, but if you're like many
others, you may have encountered one unexpected challenge along
the way: Are you drowning in the day-to-day administrative tasks
necessary to make your business successful?

Managing emails. Bookkeeping. Writing articles or newsletters.

10 Home Based Business Niches You Can Use Now

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10 Home Based Business Niches You Can Use Now

One of the most common challenges to starting an online home based business is finding a profitable niche to target. In this article I have done a significant portion of the hard work for you so you can get your home based business started immediately.

Here are ten niche ideas to help you start your home based business today...

10 Characteristics of A Home Business Professional

Home Business Professionals are unique people. We are all very different people, with very different personalities and thinking processess. However, all successful home business professionals have the following characteristics in common.

1. Home business professionals are usually leaders, not followers. We like to set the standards, not adhere to them.

2. Home business professionals are always looking for new and better ways to do things. We believe that there is always a better, more effective way to get things done, and we seek to find it.

10 Best Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own Home Business

Picture this!

When your neighbor must wakeup early morning and run for their live to avoid get angry for their bos, you can wake up what ever you want and go to your office without worrying about what the "BOS" said.

Or maybe, when they mass up with their work and they scare to dead that they will get fired, you can just relax that you won't be on their place.

And how about not to worry about "pay the bill?" long vacation 4 times a year with your family? And the best part is, what do you think that you can have six - figure income?

WOW, it's all sound to good to be true???

How to Buy Penny Stocks

How to buy penny stocks? When you buy penny stocks it involves both dedication in time and money. You will need a few hours per week and a few hundred dollars to start off with. You will first need to find a broker that will allow you to buy penny stocks for just a few hindered dollars. Be sure to look for a good reputation broker that has your best interest in mind. Many brokers have special discount rate for bulk trading. This can be valuable for you if you are going to be doing a lot of trading.

Buying penny stocks will not make you rich over night. You have to be patient and wait a few months to a few years for your penny stocks to increase in value. Or, you might want to sell some of your losing stocks as soon as possible.

Buying Penny Stocks and Selling Tips

A large number of investors have difficulties with selling and buying penny stocks. Penny Stocks can be a great investment vehicle to make lots of money. They can provide passive income because they don’t need you to be constantly watching over them. However, most investors use their feelings when selling and buying penny stocks and not from wise reasoning.

Trading Penny Stocks can be very volatile. They can quickly rise and they can quickly fall in value. The reason most investors hold on to a stock is because they fail to separate their feeling from their reasoning.

Buying penny stocks and selling penny stocks ought to be based from your research of the company. How’s the company performing in terms of their profit, losses or new patents, and products, can all determine your decision to buy or sell.

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