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Trade Penny Stocks – Swing Trading Strategy

How to trade penny stocks using the swing trading strategy. Why do you want to swing trade penny stocks? Because many profitable penny stocks are swing traded base on the trend of the penny stocks. These penny stocks are traded based on a one to five day trading patterns.

Investing in a stock and holding on to it for a long time might be a good strategy. However, you will not maximize you profit potential. By following the trend, you can maximize your profit potential from all the stock movements. Day trading penny stocks might work if you can have enough capital to move a stock and then benefit from the price change quickly enough to take profits.

When you swing trade penny stocks, you want to pick stocks with large volume. Make sure there is enough volume so that you can in and out of that stock quickly. Look for stocks with daily volume that is 20 times larger than that of your position.



You may recall that I blogged about an offer from Paypal, which spoke about getting $10 for each student account you create (max 4). Well, I of course took the offer and today I got a special surprise that I wasn’t really expecting especially from the mail. I got a mail from Paypal saying that I have got my Paypal student account debit card. No where did I expect this because it didn’t say anything about student debit cards on the fine print.Anywhere that accepts MasterCard, supposedly accepts the Paypal debit card as well. This can be very convenient when it comes to using the money from your Paypal account to fund buying stuff beyond the cyber world actually. The Paypal debit card can prove to be beneficial to business owners because not only can you dodge the fees of withdrawing money directly from your Paypal account to your bank account to use the money,


How to make money online without spending a dime is a question that so many people would want to know the answer to. That is why I decided to write a post about what I think is a good way to make free money online.

In my opinion, the best way to make money online without spending is to offer some kind of service. It could be any kind of service, from skilled required tasks like creating logos, designing websites and writing articles to simple tasks like submitting articles to article directories, commenting on blogs and posting on forums. Offering your service to others gives you an opportunity to make money online without spending any money at all. Here is how you can make money online without spending money:

Passive eBay Affiliate Commission

Okay, the words are out. I made a post (get your website indexed by Google in 24 hours) about how I use Wordpress blogs to secretly leverage eBay sellers’ auction listings to gain free search engine traffic which allows me to automatically seek out long tail keywords.

Here is the step-by-step process of how you can start earning passive affiliate commission:

First of all, let’s talk about how commission is made and what you will be doing:

Top 5 Ways To Make Money Online

This entire website is a testament that there are hundreds of different ways to make money, both online and off.
But today we are going to have a look at the top 5 most popular ways to make money online.
- Make Money Building Niche Websites
- Make Money Writing Your Own Blog
- Make Money Advertising CPA Offers
- Make Money Selling E-Books
- Make Money Taking Surveys

Make Money Building Niche Websites

Make Money With Public Domain Works – Virtual Property Tycoon

It’s not often that someone releases a product that makes the marketing world stand up and take note. Too often these days the products released by marketing gurus are just the same rehashed product the last “guru” released.
No one could say that about Ed Walters’ Virtual Property Tycoon.
Virtual Property Tycoon, or VPT for short, is a recently released product that sheds new light on the boom in online real estate.
For many years it has been obvious to even the wet behind the ears newbie that selling web sites, or virtual real estate, has been big business. The problem is it takes a lot of marketing know how, or cash, to get into this business.
Or should I say it did before Ed Walters blew the lid off his secret strategy for turning information he gets online, which he doesn’t pay a penny for, into pay days of thirty grand to sixty grand within a couple of months.

IncomeElite Reviewed – Internet Marketing Training

I want to preface this review by pointing out that I rarely, if ever, review a product that I do not personally use. With that said, the product I want to talk about here is something so different from anything I have ever encountered that I feel it would be irresponsible of me to ignore it. If you’re someone with very little online marketing know-how and experience, you shouldn’t ignore it either,
The product is called the IncomeElite Internet Marketing Training. I recently obtained free access to the company’s website so that I could evaluate their system for the purpose of this review, and I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised. This is one of the first programs that I have seen that seems to be directed toward those marketers who have almost no experience with building websites or online marketing, and it goes to great lengths to teach beginners every one of the basic steps they need to be successful.

Definite Income Plan – Personal Review

The Definite Income Plan is a solid guide to making money online by generating a passive income stream that you can repeat as often as you wish. I was given a free copy of the plan to review, and immediately I was impressed with the thoroughness of the system. It’s similar to one that I’ve used before in the past to generate a significant amount of income, so I already knew the methods would be effective.
The guide itself is laid out logically, with everything you need to do to prepare for a passive income stream laid out step-by-step. Even if you’ve never done any internet marketing or affiliate sales before, it’s very easy to put this system to work. The research techniques show you how to choose the right keywords, so you aren’t drowning in competition, and the methods used to generate the traffic are proven to work for just about any topic you can think of.

Write Your Own “How To…” E-Book Or Course And Sell It

E-books are big business online – especially if they teach other people how to do things. How to earn more money, how to sell on e-Bay, how to write a bestseller… the possibilities are endless if you have the knowledge and the perseverance to actually write a book and then get out there and sell it.
What’s more, you can apply exactly the same principle to creating a course too. By splitting it up into sections you are creating more value – and you can charge more as a result.
If it’s done properly it can be a real money spinner.
You don’t need to be an expert on e-books to know they sell extremely well if you pick the right subject. “How to…” e-books and courses are particularly good at shifting lots of virtual copies, since they reveal the answers to things that people want to know.

Write And Sell Your Own Rap Beats Or Song Music And Lyrics

How many times do you watch and listen to top bands and think you could do better? If you often do that maybe you should have a go at it yourself?
It’s an unlikely way to make some money but that’s no reason not to consider it if you have musical talents yourself. And in reality you don’t need to be able to sing or play a musical instrument yourself nowadays either – if you know how to do it you could still be able to sell your own rap beats and music to young artists with virtually no musical knowledge at all!
Fancy learning more? If you do, you’ve come to the right place.
If you have the right software and you do have something of an ear for music, then you can start selling your rap beats online in a very short time indeed.
The key to getting started is to do a search for some software and buy something that will enable you to create a selection of rap beats from scratch.

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