How to Make Extra Money Snow Plowing

Snow plowing can be a great way to bring in extra income! You can consider plowing Commercial sites, Residential, or Both! In any case you want to make sure you have just a few things in order before pushing off!

Difficulty: Moderate

Things You'll Need:
Truck with a plow
Warm Gloves, Hat & Boots
Snow Shovel
Cell Phone for emergency
When considering snow plowing the number one thing that needs to be a priority is Safety.
Reflecting markers on each side of your plow and Strobe lights are a must to make sure people can identify that you are not just another vehicle on the road Also, snow plows are always backing up and making sudden moves. It is a MUST to be seen!

Driveway Markers Are Always Helpful
It is always recommended to look at the property with the owner so that you can determine if there are any hidden issues that may pose a problem when plowing. (If it is a repeat customer, markers are always helpful.)
Next you want to determine where to put the snow that you plow. Typically if you are doing residential driveways, the owners do not want the snow next to the house. It is best to put it as far away as possible. For commercial plowing check with the local municipalities to find out if there are any ordinances that apply to snow plowing. Some cities require "Permits" to plow with-in their city limits. some also have rules against blocking city sidewalks and drainage ditches.
You want to discuss any damages that might occur to the lawn and landscaping with the owner before plowing. It is wise to put in writing exactly what you will and will not be responsible for. Also discuss at what point will you plow 1" of accumulated snow, 2" and so on. Some people do not want their property plowed until there is 6" of snow accumulated and some people want even the smallest amount plowed.
When it comes to commercial plowing, all of the above can be incorporated. The difference between residential and commercial is the liability to the person Snow Plowing. Businesses have to have their lots cleared and safe by the time the business is open. Everyone knows that "mother nature" doesn't always cooperate, so it is wise to have a plan for clearing snow during "business hours" and for night time plowing. During business hours the most important thing is accessability for the customers. Keeping the drive lanes and the entranceways open are critical! Also be mindful of Saftey concerns such as making sure that at all cars can see 360 degrees and that you have not created a hazard by piling the snow above the line of vision. Fire hydrants must always be cleared and free of snow.
Decide how you would like to be paid: by the push, full plowing or for the season. (For residential plowing, paying for the season is usually the preferred method)

Tips & Warnings

Fire hydrants must always be cleared and free of snow.
Always have a cell phone for emergencies!
Always have a snow shovel with you to shovel steps and walkways
Always watch for hidden dangers such as ditches, streams & tree stumps.
Never snow plow without your strobe lights on.