How to Make Money Gambling Online Free

Have you heard of moola? If not, let me give you the run down. It's an online gaming website, that was started in canada. You don't pay any money, it's totally free. You just sign up, and are given a free penny to play with right away. The catch is, they make money through online advertisements. You are forced to watch usually a 20 second commercial clip, between each game. At first you can get 10 commercial skips, free. After that, if you want to skip each commercial, it costs you 5 cents from the moola you've generated. In 2007 it was voted 15th best place to waste time on the web.

What's cool, if you lose all your money, they'll give you a free penny to start off again. What happens is there are four main games. Hi-lo game, Ro-sham-bo-fu, Gold Rush, and then Charity cash cow. You start off with one penny, gamble to win 2. Each time you win, you can double the next bet. Like 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, you get it? It may not seem like a lot of money, but trust me it quickly starts adding up. Once you become good, you'll start making dollars fast. You can make up to 10 million(which is extremely hard obviously). It's not hard to eventually start making hundreds of dollars. Some have made thousands even.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You'll Need:
Playing the Hi-Lo. This game is where you and an your opponent try to screw the dealer. The first card you're given, is a 2. You have to guess whether the next card will be higher, or lower. Naturally since 2 is the lowest, it will be higher. If you guess wrong, you have to start over. The first player to go to the end, wins. You get 4 chances, or can use a chance as a lock. Once you run out of chances, you lose. If you're good at counting cards, this game is for you. I personally am not very good at it.
Playing the Ro-Sham-bo-Fu game. This is a simple rock, paper, and scissors game. You get 6 rounds between you and your opponent. I would not suggest playing this game. It's basically all luck. I'd avoid this.
Playing the Gold Rush game. This is my favorite. You get 6 rounds, and 6 gold nuggets. Each nugget has a number. A nugget will be placed on a scale. Say it's 6, being the largest number possible. Say I put a number 1 down, and my opponent puts a 6 down, the balance goes to him. You add the numbers up, and that's 13. He won, but at the same time, I only put a 1 down. The first player to 32, or higher wins the game. You need to be good at math. I recommend writing down what the computer puts on the scale, and your opponent. They'll put down numbers 1 through 6. Keep track what numbers they're putting down.
Playing the Charity Cash Cow. This is a slot machine game. You can bet in four different sets, to win more money. First one is 1 cent, second 4, third 16, last 32. The pot will continue to build until someone gets all three community chests. It can go up to a hundred dollars easy, as high as possible if no one has won. I would not start playing this game, until you've won at least one dollar. You can start off playing this game at first, just to earn some quick moola without the risk of losing anything.
Make these tips work for you. Here's what I'd do. Start off in Charity Cash Cow, if you want to make an easy 8 cents or something real fast. You won't win right away, probably. It will probably take 5 to 10 minutes, to finally win about 8 cents in this game. Just keep getting a free penny, watching their ads and trying until you do. Then you can start gambling with this. It's easier, I guess, than just starting off with 1 cent. Once you get your 8 cents, start off better one at a time for now. Until you've reach 20 cents or so, then if you want to take more of a risk you can.
Find a game you're good at. You won't be very good right away, probably. So don't gamble on levels higher, where some people are better. At first it may be frustrating, but you can start winning and do well eventually. Just feel out each game, but I'd avoid the paper, rock, scissors game though. That's a scam where you'll continue to hit-or-miss.
Make bets on real sport games. You need at least 2 cents to qualify. I wouldn't really recommend this that much. Unless you bet on upsets, you won't really win a lot of money. The limit is 10 dollars to bet with. I have made a little money on some upset bets, though.
Start playing new games. There's new games, like blackjack available now. Haven't really fooled around with any of them. Might check it out, but I think these games are mostly luck. So you can easily lose. I wouldn't bet a lot of money on these.
Make sure you don't gamble all your money away. This is an easy and stupid way to lose fast. You have a savings account, where you can transfer earnings in there. Once you do, you can't gamble that money but can cash out with it. You need 10 dollars to cash out. It's really not hard to get to 10 dollars and higher, once you get the hang of things.
Go and invite your friends. There's a referral program. Get friends to join, you can earn money when they win. You can earn money that their friends earn.
Go to the link down below, moola if you're interested in joining.

Tips & Warnings

Don't gamble it all away.