How to Make Money By Taking Surveys Online

Want to earn some extra cash and have free time in the evenings (or even during the day)? Do you like sharing your opinions and not mind a lot of clicking around?

Difficulty: Moderate

Things You'll Need:
Internet access
Some computer programs like Flash
REALITY: Understand firstly that you are not going to get rich from online surveys! Partly because the surveys don't come very often, partly because there are only a handful of reputable survey companies that actually pay, and finally because so many people are all scrambling to join survey companies now!
FIND REPUTABLE SURVEY COMPANIES: You want to do some homework first to find the survey companies that are real and will indeed contact you to take surveys and will pay you! You can do a Google search for this by looking up "best online survey" or "reviews online survey." Take advantage of the experiences of others and read their reviews of who they like. I recommend Pinecone Research (not always accepting new people, however), Opinion Outpost, Focusline, Lightspeed, Global Opinion/Synovate, and Survey Savvy. I have personally joined all of them and get a few survey opportunities each week from all, totalling maybe a dozen a week or more. It
SIGN-UP! You will have to do some work and spend some time signing up with these sites. You may want to have a separate email address for all of their emails and survey links, however be sure whatever email address you choose you MUST be checking it often! Sometimes you will lose out on a survey because others have clicked through to it before you!
FILL THEM OUT QUICKLY: Once you begin receiving surveys, be sure to fill them out as quickly as possible! Some will send you more surveys the more often you complete them. Don't be discouraged when a survey says you are not what they are looking for. Some surveys want a particular age group or a particular demographic. But before you know it, you will start making money with online surveys. It isn't hard; just takes some time!
TIPS: Honesty is always the best policy but one of the first questions a survey will often ask is what industry you work in. Almost always the best option for this is "none of the above" because it will disqualify.
WARNING: No reputable online survey company will ask for your Social Security Number! This is not a situation where you will have to fill out a 1099 because you are earning so little from each place. So protect your identity and do not share that. However, they will likely always ask for your home address and phone number for identifying purposes and often so they can mail you a check. If you are not comfortable with this, set up a P.O. Box address.