How to Make the Most Money Taking Online Surveys with Survey Savvy

In my previous article about how to make money taking FREE online surveys I listed several sites that I've had success with. This article will delve deeper into one specific site that I believe offers the biggest income potential.

Survey Savvy uses a patented referral system that pays you on 3 levels. You get paid cash incentives for surveys you take personally and also for surveys your referrals take and also for surveys their referrals take. It's a basic multi-level marketing concept except there are no purchases required to be rewarded with the cash incentives.

The following steps will explain how to gain the most benefits from this site and increase your earning potential.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You'll Need:
contacts to send referral link to
email account that you check frequently for survey invitations
patience and persistence

Sign up at the Survey Savvy link in the resources below.
Complete any profile questions as this is what will determine which survey invitations they will send you. The more info you provide the more
surveys you should qualify for.
Start referring others ASAP to build your network and create a larger earning potential. You can do this by logging into survey savvy and clicking the "My Referrals" tab to get your referral link or use the referral email to send an invitation to your contacts. You can also post your referral link in free classified ad sites, on your blog, or include it under your signature in outgoing emails.
Respond to every survey invitation you receive from Survey Savvy.
The more you respond to, the more you will qualify for and the more money you will make.
Encourage your referrals to respond to every survey invitation they receive as their responses will effect your earnings.
Encourage your referrals to refer others to Survey Savvy as this will increase their income which in turn will increase yours.

Tips & Warnings

After you've sent out invitations to your contacts and posted some free ads promoting your referral link you can check your progress on the survey savvy site by clicking the "My Referrals" tab and then the "Referral Count" tab to see how many people have signed up under you.
Survey Savvy will not provide the contact info of people who join from your referral link due to privacy concerns so it is best to ask those that you know personally to notify you if they sign up so you can help them with any questions and give them pointers on how to refer others.