How to Make Money Taking Free Surveys Online

This is how to make money taking free surveys online. These websites will NOT charge you money to join. Everyone wants to make more money, and everyone has an opinion. Why not get paid for telling companies what you think about their products?

Difficulty: Easy

Things You'll Need:
Computer with internet access.
A PayPal account for some websites.
Set up a new email address. It is best to use an email address separate from your main email address. Believe me, you will get a lot of email, and you don't want it cluttering your main inbox. Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, and others can all give you a free email address. It does take some time to receive your checks (sometimes 4-6 weeks) for their processing time. I like this, because by the time I receive it I have forgotten about it. Then I go to the mailbox and there is a $30.00 check inside.

Start signing up at survey websites. First the website that has been the best earner for me. They send quite a few per week. This website only has cash surveys. You take surveys and earn points that are equal to cash. For example, if the survey is for 50 points, you will earn $5.00 if you qualify and complete this survey. (Just place a decimal after the first number to know how much it is. (e.g. 80 points = $8.00) You must have 50 points ($5.00) to redeem them. They will send you a check. I always save up my points to get at least a $30 check, this is just my preference, you may choose to "cash out" at $5.00, or $100.00, it is up to you.

Sign up to take surveys at This is American Consumer Opinion Panel. This website does not actually have surveys that you can go to the website and take. They instead only email you surveys. Some are "screener" surveys. These see if you qualify to take the main survey. They are usually only about 5-6 questions long. You will know how much the survey will pay before taking it. If you qualify and complete the survey they will send you a check for the amount of that survey. You will get a check every time you complete a survey with them, you cannot "save up" your money. However, say the survey is for $9.00, that could be lunch for a day, all for a few minutes of your time.

Next is Sign up for an account with them at their website. You get to give your 2 cents, and get paid for it. Surveys are for cash, however if you do not qualify for a survey you are entered into a sweepstakes. Payout per survey is usually $1-$5. You need to have at least a $5 balance in order to cash out. You may also choose to wait to cash out at a higher amount. Payout is by check.

Sign up at Greenfield Online. They have surveys ranging from sweepstakes entries (which you can choose not to do) to surveys that pay $1-$10. Payout is by PayPal. You must have at least a $5 balance to cash out. You may choose to let it build up with them as well.
Sign up at Survey Spot. They do have a lot of surveys that are for sweepstakes entries, however, they do send paid surveys. They are usually in the $1-$3 range. I have seen them as high as $15, although this is more rare. You will be paid by check after you have a balance of $5 or more. Again, you may choose to let your money build up.
Sign up with SurveySavvy. This hasn't been a big earner for me, but with the amount of people saying that they have I will add a link below. They also pay you for referring other people to their site. These survey websites have been the best for me. There are literally thousands of survey sites out there. Most are not worth your time. I have found these to be worthwhile. If you enjoy giving your opinion, and seeing products before anyone else, then this is something for you. You will occasionally be shown things that are not on the market yet. You are of course asked to keep this information to yourself. I have seen many things that I would find very useful, and had the opportunity to give my opinion on what the company could do to make the products better. It is something different everytime. Survey topics offer a wide variety of subjects, from upcoming TV shows to new products, and how you feel about credit cards and banks. For example, I did a survey on the new TV show "Into the Unknown" with Josh Bernstein about 4 months ago before the show was on the air. One of the topics of the survey was what do you think the title should be, with 4 options. Your opinion could help pick the title of a great show, or you could have a say in what color looks best for a toothbrush. Your opinions help companies decide what will be the best way to put a product on the market. You've always had an opinion, now get paid for it!
One additional way to make money from these surveys is to use points that you earn towards gift cards. For example, there are a few survey sites that I use to earn gift cards. I then take these gift cards that I don't need or want, and list them on eBay. They will almost always sell for what they are worth, if not more. The money that you earn from selling the gift cards will go into your PayPal account, and you can then transfer it straight to your bank within minutes. You don't have to wait for a check to arrive like some survey sites, then go deposit it into your bank. The best part is, since it is an online gift certificate, you don't even have to go to the post office, you simply email the winning bidder the gift card code. For tips on selling on eBay, please see my other article, How To get started selling on eBay, and what to expect.

Tips & Warnings

All of these survey sites are easy to sign up for.
You will never pay a dime to take any surveys with them.
Take only the surveys you want to do.
Do not spam people with links to websites to earn money from them as a referral. Ask someone if they want to join first. If they say yes, send them a link.
You WILL NOT get rich taking surveys, you can however make some extra spending money.