How to Make Money Taking Surveys with NBC News

Looking for a way to make a little extra cash these days? How about participating in an online NBC News poll? NBC employs research companies to recruit average consumers and survey them on a variety of topics, often for cash. Joining a panel used for NBC News polls can be easier than you think; online sites offering cash to take NBC surveys are numerous. If you have a little extra time and a lot of opinions, filling out NBC news surveys may be a way for you to earn some extra income.

Difficulty: Easy

Things You'll Need:
Joining an Online Survey Panel
Enter "NBC News Online Research Panels" in your browser search engine to find a list of panels. Many panels will also serve other news organizations, such as CNN, so make sure that the panel recruits for surveys used by NBC.
Evaluate each panel for legitimacy. A legitimate panel recruiting for NBC will never require you to pay for joining, try to sell you a product, or disclose your personal information without your permission.

Find out how much you will be compensated for each survey you complete. Most panels, including those for NBC News polls, pay between $1 and $5 for surveys that take 5 to 45 minutes to complete.
Make sure that you meet the requirements for joining the panel. Most NBC panels are not open to employees of NBC or their affiliates. If you don't meet the panel's requirements, you will not be able to join or complete the surveys it offers.
Join the panel by following the steps outlined by the site. Once you join, be sure to look for e-mails from the panel with the polls you can take.

Tips & Warnings

1) Try joining more than one online survey panel recruiting for NBC News polls. The more panels you join, the more opportunities you'll have to get paid to take surveys. 2) If you are unsure about the survey site, try doing an Internet search for the site's name. Often, you can learn more about the site by reading negative and positive comments from those who have joined it. 3) Visit online survey organization sites such as AAPOR (the American Association for Public Opinion Research) to get a listing of approved research panels used by NBC News polls.
Don't expect to make a living taking online surveys for NBC News; you likely won't earn enough. However, these online surveys can be a way to net a few hundred bucks a year to spend on extras.