Improving AdSense Clickthrough Rates With AdSense Beautifier Plugin

When you’re monetizing your websites using AdSense, it pays to experiment. This is because many readers will already be AdSense-blind, especially if they are tech-savvy, or if they are already repeat readers. Still, it’s good to target your ads at people who are not likely to click on bland, plain AdSense links.

Sometimes you can change the positioning. You can shift the ads from the top of your post to the bottom, or from bottom to top so people will start noticing them. Sometimes you can rotate colors. Or, you can switch between image ads and text-ads.

Even better, you can place images right beside your AdSense ads, and still comply with the AdSense terms of service. While the ToS disallows place images right beside ads (since this is considered cheating), the Google AdSense team has clarified you can work around this condition if you put in a thin line between the images and the ads.

Here’s an example. Notice how more attractive it is than just having plain text ads.
If you’re using WordPress, a plugin makes it even easier to implement images beside existing AdSense ads. And it’s aplty called AdSense Beautifier. When installed, the plugin will help you convert standard AdSense codes into a revised code with additional DIV tags in place to define the style. You also have the option of choosing whether to use a static image, or to rotate among the plugin’s built-in images.

Having images beside your ads would be a good way to attract attention, and it’s yet another way of making your ads blend in right with your site’s design, as if they’re part of your site itself. This would lead to a higher likelihood of your readers clicking and hence better AdSense revenues.