AdSense Exclusion List – Use Sparingly

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This is an example of what your competitive ad filter might look like if you run a blogging service. You’d want to block out the competitors like Blogger, WordPress, and the like, lest your users click on them and discover there are other products or services they can try.

A caveat
Competitive ad filters can also be used to filter out ads that are not suitable to your taste–maybe you have religious or cultural preferences against a certain product or practice, or something to that effect. Or maybe you’re prone to However, if you’re not really concerned about potentially competitive or unwanted ads, AdSense experts suggest that you don’t use competitive ad filtering at all, and here’s why.

First, using competitive ad filters might limit your earning potential, as you might be effectively edging out the advertisers who bid high for your keywords.

Second, if your AdSense account is fairly new, you might experience lots of public service ads (or blank spaces, if you choose to define a blank space if no ads matched your content).

Given these reasons, it’s best to use the competitive ad filter sparingly–use them only on sites that you’re sure that you absolutely don’t want to appear on your ads.