AdSense Tools To Get You Started Right

Google AdSense is perhaps the most popular contextual advertising program, and is used by publishers who want to make the most out of their websites’ or blogs’ traffic, in terms of monetization. It wouldn’t be a surprise that many developers have also created their own add-on tools and trackers to help AdSense users maximize their revenues, or at least make it easier to track earnings.

For one, compulsive AdSense stats checkers might find the need to log in to their AdSense accounts on the Web to check on earnings. This can be very tedious. While a Web browser can be just a click away, and while your password can be saved by your browser’s password manager, it would be easier to have a readily accessible tool running in the background or on top of your browser so information is there at a glance.

Here are some AdSense monitoring tools you can use.
AdSense Notifier for Firefox

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This is a FireFox extension that will incorporate the stats on your browser status bar. You would no longer have to refresh, as the extension automatically updates itself at regular intervals.

Stats for AdSense Dashboard Widget

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This is for Mac users who want easy access to their AdSense stats. It’s a Dashboard widget, so a single press of F12 (or whichever key you’ve assigned to Dashboard) or a flick of the mouse (if you’ve assigned corners of your screen for Dashboard access) and you can see your stats for the past few days, including impressions, clicks, and dollar earnings.

AdSense Widget for Yahoo! Widget Engine

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If you prefer to use Yahoo! Widget Engine (formerly known as Konfabulator), you can use this applet instead. This is more basic, though as it will only display the click and dollar earning information for the current day, and for the whole month. Since it’s a YWE Widget, it should work on both Windows and Mac, under the respective versions of the Engine.

AdSense Status Gadget for Google Desktop

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If you prefer to use Google Desktop’s Gadgets, you can use this gadget to track your earnings. It will show you a comprehensive list of stats for the current day, including impressions, clickthroughs, clickthrough rate, effective CPM and dollar value. Being a Google Gadget, you can only use this with Google Desktop for Windows (at least until a Mac version comes out, which we hope is soon).

We hope these tools help make your lives easier!