How to Make Money Blogging

Making money with blogs has become easier over the years now that blogs have become more mainstream. However, to successfully turn your blog into a money making machine you're going to have to work hard, post often and spread you revenue potential over many different streams to bring in the kind of money that would allow you to quit your day job. Follow these steps to find out how.

Create a blog using any one of the free services such as Blogger or Wordpress.

Focus your blog on a particular subject such as sports, politics, current events, or whatever interests you. Be witty and informative. A little controversy wouldn't hurt.

Blog consistently for six months, at least three new posts a week. To apply for most blogging jobs you need to have been blogging for at least six months.

Add Google ads to your blog to help generate income by joining AdWords, which you can do from Google's website. There are other ad choices such as BlogAds or CrispAds that are popular.

Apply to one of the blog networks such as b5Media, 451 Press or Wise Bread after you have been blogging for six months to be a blogger for them. They are going to ask you if you want to suggest a new topic for their network. If your blog covers a topic that isn't covered on their network then suggest your blog be added.

Visit the "Pro Blogger Job Board" and apply for positions you find posted there.

Getting sponsored by a business is another way to make money blogging. In most cases sponsorship happens by businesses approaching blogs that cover a demographic they are interested in.

Join an Affiliate program. Amazon, Clickbank and "Commission Junction" are some of the major affiliate programs but there are literally thousands you can choose from.

Place a donate button on your blog. Some bloggers hold regular fund-raising drives and some have managed to blog full-time because of the donations from their readers.