AdSense URL Channels (If Using Custom Channels is Too Much)

Earlier, we advised using custom channels for monitoring the performance of your AdSense ads. IF you specify a custom channel for each ad on your site, you can play around with the positioning of the ads to see which ones are best performing (and to take out the ones that don’t really earn you much or don’t earn anything). If you specify custom channels for each of your page types (such as main page, subdomains, archives page, or such others), you’re also able to see which parts of your site are earning better.

However, sometimes using custom channels might be unnecessary, and could become quite cumbersome if you already have a large number of sites under one AdSense account. In these cases, you might want to break down your earnings analysis per domain, and not per item under each domain. Sure, you could use a custom channel for each domain or each site, but this is actually redundant. You can simply use URL channels.

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With URL channels, you no longer have to specify an ad channel on the AdSense code you paste on each site. You just specify the domains on your AdSense account manager, and Google will do the tracking for you.

Reporting. When you want to see the performance of each domain (or subdomain), you then go to the Advanced Reports tab and check the domains (or subdomains) you want to see, and AdSense will show you how much that domain has earned for the period you specified.

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AdSense tracks custom channel data separately, so you can actually use both, if you need to track performance both ways.