Improving AdSense Conversion Rates by Choosing Profitable Keywords

Are you still getting $0.01 clicks from your AdSense campaigns? Well that’s a bummer. If you’re laying out your ads wrong (relative to the rest of your website, that is), or if you’re slapping AdSense codes on low-cost keyword sites, then you’re probably just wasting your time, effort and money.

Here we start some tips that can help in increasing your AdSense conversion rates. Hopefully, with these, you can bring up your revenue per-click to a level that’s reasonably high enough for your needs.

Choose the most profitable keywords. I remember there used to be a time when health and medicine-related keywords paid out best. Some pay out $60 or even more per click. However, these may not exactly be profitable because even if a click may be worth a lot, you’re most likely to get very few clicks from these, if at all! For instance, here’s something from that says the best-paying keywords are not exactly the most profitable. “Selling structured elements” may pay $64 per click, but no one ever clicks them. So you get nothing if you optimize for this.

The best keywords are those that don’t exactly pay too much, but people click a lot. You should get a good balance between keyword quality and likelihood of people clicking on your ads.

For instance, the keyword insurance pays out $17 per click. But with about 50,000 clicks per day, you can earn close to a million dollars. Hotels might get just about $3 per click, but with 200,000 clicks, it can pay out about $700,000 per day.

Of course, these are just estimations, and not exact figures. But the trends are from observation. So even if you have the most high-paying of keywords, it might pay to rethink your set-up and switch to those keywords that pay less per click, but get more attention.