“Instant Messaging” Through Google AdWords And AdSense

I knew instant messaging was hot these days (they say it’s the new email!), and I knew that there are a lot of innovative ways you could send IM’s–(through Web IM clients, mobile devices, and even mobile phones). But this has got to be the one most interesting way to send instant messages: by Google AdWords and AdSense!

It’s not your usual private instant messaging. It’s AdWords/AdSense, after all, so it’s public. I first encountered this strange way of sending messages, so to speak, on Darren Rowse’s problogger.net. Some posts had big “I love Darren Rowse” messages on them.

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Apparently, they’ve been put up by John Chow, who in my opinion has really upped the ante in blog marketing by using strange ways to spread the word about his blog and get linklove. Well, the ad was quite the attention-grabber. The message was short, sweet, and initially controversial. I thought it ended there, but it did not.

I saw a post on johnchow.com about an exchange of messages they’ve been doing over AdSense/AdWords.

After running the Google ad on Problogger for two months or so, Darren finally got the message and replied with the Google ad you see [below].

So Darren acknowledged John’s message, and has “sent” a message of his own via AdWords.

Now the message is for the readers. This ad below is found on problogger.net.

I initially thought that this ad would probably be bordering on the illegal, in terms of the Google AdSense/AdWords terms of service, since the ad is very suggestive of “click me”. But then again, it’s on the ad copy itself, and not on the publication that the ad is placed on, so that’s all right.

Now Google must be happy with the money it’s earning off this exchange of notes via AdWords.

Now I don’t mind giving Darren some money. After all, he runs a great blog and should be rewarded for it. I’m also very flatter that he is running ads on my blog. I guess that makes us even since we’re spending money on each other. I know Google is very happy about it and is praying that this “love fest” continues.

This has got to be one of the more expensive ways to exchange messages.