AdSense Policy Lecture series begins

The Google AdSense team seems to be in a ‘lecturer’ mode as today, they begin a series of posts that will focus and discuss on the various AdSense policies we need to know and follow but always seems to forget and neglect, unintentionally.

They say that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” If you earn a lot from AdSense and would like to keep it at that way, making sure your account doesn’t get banned would be among your top priorities.

How do we do that? There’s no exact science yet, but having a good affinity with the AdSense policies would be a very good advantage. Fortunately, the great team behind AdSense is here to help us out in better understanding and remembering those AdSense policies. In their official blog, the AdSense team makes the following announcement:

That’s why we’re beginning a weekly series of posts to help bring AdSense policies to the front of your minds — and your sites. On coming Thursdays, you can look forward to information about:

steering clear of possible invalid clicks
nurturing harmonious relationships between ads and images
why asking visitors to click your ads is a bad idea, even if you say please
We believe every publisher has the potential to be a model publisher. It’s our aim to get you on the right track with some helpful tips and explanations.

After we begin our series, you might want to talk AdSense policy with your fellow publishers. So we’ll be starting threads for each post in the AdSense Help Forum — head on over after reading each post to share your thoughts.

So kind of the AdSense team to open up a conversation about the AdSense policies. This would clear many issues publishers face even though the AdSense team is just an e-mail away. Still, having a good knowledge and understanding of the policies and rules has always been a lifesaver.

“Ignorancia legis, non excusat.” – Ignorance of the law, excuses no one.