Google advertises on Facebook – so what?

There’s a piece on VentureBeat about how Google is doing “an end-run” around Microsoft’s advertising deal with Facebook, by placing Adsense ads on the popular social networking site. But my initial reaction to the news is “so what?”.

pinoy movies - filipino movies Microsoft and Facebook recently signed a deal which places Microsoft Ad Center links on Facebook so some might see Google’s Adsense ads also being there as being just a bit on the cheeky side.

But to me, this is all just a storm in a teacup. The Google Adsense ads are appearing on third-party developer applications such as Scrabulous, and the developers of these applications are free to sell advertising space to whoever they want.

So it is not as if Facebook themselves are deliberately reneging on their deal with Microsoft by now dealing with Google. All Google has done is take advantage of a loophole which allows third party developers to sell advertising space, without having to share any of that revenue with Facebook.

In other words, Google is only doing what Microsoft would have done if the situation was reversed.

Welcome to the competitive world of online advertising.