Adsense for Feeds – I’m panicking, but don’t panic.

I signed up for the conversion of my feed to Adsense for Feeds a little while back and finally got my notice yesterday that it was ready to go -


As you requested, we have moved your feeds from your FeedBurner account to your — Google Account.

Nice! I thought…

Until I noticed a RSS subscriber drop of around 6-700 today!

I guess I don’t really panic over these types of things, but I did get a little sweaty as a couple searches didn’t find anyone else mentioning this issue. When my Google brain didn’t turn up anything I quickly pinged my IM brain, not much luck there either — things seemed fine for everyone else that converted.

Then, against all reason, I tried my real brain and thought I should check the email they sent a little more closely and I found this -

If you see “0″ for the most recent full day, don’t panic! It may take up to a week for a feed’s full dose of stats to appear in your new account

At 6200 subscribers or so I’m not exactly at zero, but I’m now betting that the drop is a temporary thing due to the feed conversion. I did email them to confirm so we’ll see.

I figured this was worthy of a post for those who use their Google brain for everything like I do. Once this gets indexed it might save someone else a little perspiration.