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Images Beside AdSense Ads: Illegal?

Putting up images beside AdSense ads has always been a sensitive issue. For one, Google maintains that its AdSense terms of service is clear on using deceptive tactics that can lead users to click your ads. However, people have found ways to mitigate these, and their methods are still considered within the AdSense ToS. In fact, we earlier featured the AdSense beautifier WordPress plugin that lets bloggers easily add images alongside their Google ads, and the creator claims that this is 100% still within the AdSense ToS.

Improving AdSense Conversion Rates by Choosing Profitable Keywords

Are you still getting $0.01 clicks from your AdSense campaigns? Well that’s a bummer. If you’re laying out your ads wrong (relative to the rest of your website, that is), or if you’re slapping AdSense codes on low-cost keyword sites, then you’re probably just wasting your time, effort and money.

Here we start some tips that can help in increasing your AdSense conversion rates. Hopefully, with these, you can bring up your revenue per-click to a level that’s reasonably high enough for your needs.

AdSense URL Channels (If Using Custom Channels is Too Much)

Earlier, we advised using custom channels for monitoring the performance of your AdSense ads. IF you specify a custom channel for each ad on your site, you can play around with the positioning of the ads to see which ones are best performing (and to take out the ones that don’t really earn you much or don’t earn anything). If you specify custom channels for each of your page types (such as main page, subdomains, archives page, or such others), you’re also able to see which parts of your site are earning better.

Tips on Starting With AdSense Monetization (Part 2)

The other day, we started with part one of our tips on AdSense monetization for beginners. This means if you’re just starting out with trying to monetize your blog (or any website, for that matter), there are a few things you have to consider, such as aesthetics (meaning you cannot just plaster ads around your site), and traffic (meaning the more traffic you have, the better revenues you get).

We shall continue with our tips, and aside from deciding whether to indeed include ads on your site, you should consider how to make these effective, and you should learn how to experiment.

Tips on Starting With AdSense Monetization (Part 1)

If you’re a blogger, chances are you’ve heard of AdSense, which is by far the most popular contextual advertising system today. What makes AdSense popular among bloggers is, for one, its ease-of-installation and use, and secondly, since it’s compatible with most blogging packages available. This includes Blogger, which is also owned by Google. Blogger even has AdSense setup built into its blog editor.

AdSense: Using The Competitive Ad Filter May Actually Improve Your Conversion Rates

We recently blogged about using the Google AdSense competitive ad filter selectively, because you might end up banning the sites that are bidding highest for your keywords (maybe because they’re competitors, or maybe because you don’t like their sites). However, a reader of ours commented that this might actually be to the contrary. He has observed a marked increase in conversions (meaning the earnings per click) after he implemented a ban on so-called made-for-adsense (or “MFA”) sites.

AdSense: First Impressions Are Important

AdSense is a complex animal. And publishers should know this. Because of the contextual nature of the ads being delivered to your site, blog or portal, you are sure that the ads generated by AdSense are relevant. But they don’t always pay out the same in terms of per-click earnings.

AdSense Tools To Get You Started Right

Google AdSense is perhaps the most popular contextual advertising program, and is used by publishers who want to make the most out of their websites’ or blogs’ traffic, in terms of monetization. It wouldn’t be a surprise that many developers have also created their own add-on tools and trackers to help AdSense users maximize their revenues, or at least make it easier to track earnings.

AdSense Exclusion List – Use Sparingly

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This is an example of what your competitive ad filter might look like if you run a blogging service. You’d want to block out the competitors like Blogger, WordPress, and the like, lest your users click on them and discover there are other products or services they can try.

A caveat

Improving AdSense Clickthrough Rates With AdSense Beautifier Plugin

When you’re monetizing your websites using AdSense, it pays to experiment. This is because many readers will already be AdSense-blind, especially if they are tech-savvy, or if they are already repeat readers. Still, it’s good to target your ads at people who are not likely to click on bland, plain AdSense links.

Sometimes you can change the positioning. You can shift the ads from the top of your post to the bottom, or from bottom to top so people will start noticing them. Sometimes you can rotate colors. Or, you can switch between image ads and text-ads.

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