Money With Google Adsense

Using AdSense Channels to Track Earnings

At first this might strike as a no-brainer. But using AdSense channels might not be the first thing you might think of when you start monetizing your website or blog using AdSense. After all, probloggers’ and webmasters’ first concerns would be content and design. AdSense organization would take a backseat. And there’s the issue of earning itself. You might not find the need to break down your AdSense earnings if it’s still a paltry amount.

Using Google To Identify a Site’s Owner

Who would’ve thought that Google AdSense could be used to track down the owner of a website?

Anonymous and spam blogs are quite numerous these days. And one would wonder who actually own these. If the sites have Google AdSense, then it’s easy! It’s as easy as viewing the page source on the site, and looking for an AdSense publisher ID.

When you use your browser’s view-source feature, just use the Find command (usually invoked with Ctrl-F) to look for that line of code, which comes with the string “google_ad_client”.

School loan consolidation – $70 a click!?

All I can say is wow! I had no idea the school loan business was so lucrative.

According to this article some Google AdWords advertisers are paying almost $70 per click for student loan related terms. I knew the financial sector paid well, but $70 seems ridiculous. Look at the top five:

school loan consolidation $69.16 (cpc)
college loan consolidation $68.35 (cpc)
car insurance quotes $66.88 (cpc)
school consolidation $66.29 (cpc)
auto insurance quotes $65.90 (cpc)

Adsense for Feeds – I’m panicking, but don’t panic.

I signed up for the conversion of my feed to Adsense for Feeds a little while back and finally got my notice yesterday that it was ready to go -


As you requested, we have moved your feeds from your FeedBurner account to your — Google Account.

Nice! I thought…

Until I noticed a RSS subscriber drop of around 6-700 today!

Google AdSense for Domains

Last week, Google announced that they were going to roll out AdSense for Domains to all publishers. It’s really easy to get started and serve ads on your parked domains.

Google has created a number of tutorials to help you migrate your parked domains over to Google’s recently relaunched AdSense for Domains platform.

Before this, you had to apply individually and have well over 700,000 impressions per month in your account (to prove that you know how to generate traffic.)

Now, it’s available for everyone, easily, and free (GoDaddy charges you a fee to park your domains to earn cash.)

How to opt out of Google Targeted Ads

Recently, Google announced a new ad-targeting system that tracks where you go on the web, and tailors future ads to your interests. According to the announcement:

These ads will associate categories of interest — say sports, gardening, cars, pets — with your browser, based on the types of sites you visit and the pages you view. We may then use those interest categories to show you more relevant text and display ads.

Google AdSense Tips

Google just released a Newbie Central for their AdSense program, those ads webmasters can include on their site to earn money for every click on the ad from a visitor (if you're using the program, part of the advertiser budget will go to you, and the other part to Google). I wanted to add some tips from my own experience:

Google Adsense Tips, Tricks, and Secrets

I’ve been reading a few forums and blogs about Google Adsense tips lately, and thought it would be helpful to consolidate as many as possible in one place without the comments. I’ve also thrown in a few tips of my own. We start out with some of the basic general stuff and move to the more specific topics later on.
Build an Empire?

When you’re deciding to become a website publisher you will fall into one of two broad categories:

Publish 100 websites that each earn $1 a day profit
Publish 1 website that earns $100 a day profit

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